Duplicate object not work properly


Everythime i use combination alt+ drag then ctrl+D, object always duplicate to the right offset, even i drag to other offset.
i use this tutorial: https://docs.icons8.com/objects/#duplicating-objects


The thing here is that only when you duplicate an object via Ctrl+D for the first time, it duplicates to the right offset. All the next times you can drag it using Alt to other offsets :blush:


for me, alt+ drag > ctrl+D not work


Firstly, you need to press Ctrl + D, then move the copy in the desired direction, then use Ctrl + D again, and the next copy will be displaced from the previous one by the same distance that the first copy was displaced.

Alt + drag is used for the resulting copy, Ctrl + D for the dragged copy. The point is that the effect is applied not from the original to the copy, but from the first copy to the second.