Editing css/material table components


Hi, The material UI Kit doesn’t contain table elements, which I’d like to be able to use. Is there a way I can import these somehow?

Also, wondering if its possible to edit CSS for certain objects or to import/edit css/code? We have a production site with configuration over the top of material.angular components and I’m playing catch-up in order to test some future designs. If I can import or edit css to align to our existing styles then I can speed up the development of the prototype.



Hi Kelvin, we don’t have an option of importing or editing CSS, just copying the already generated one. We do have plans on updating the geometry though, if that may help.

As for the Kits question, the Material UI Kit does not belong to us, so we can’t add any new things to it in the app, but you can add your own UI Kit with any elements you like: https://docs.icons8.com/libraries/#custom-ui-kits