Elements in Icons Get Moved

I’m encountering an issue in which certain elements within an icon suddenly move out of place. The weird thing is that I’ve set up the icon as a Component and when I look at the Component, everything is fine.

Here is what it looks like when a Component instance gets messed up:

But when I view the Component itself, it looks fine:

I have not changed the instance in any way and none of the “Reset” commands (Reset Instance Size, Reset Overrides) fixes the problem. Sometimes, the icons magically correct themselves although I don’t know what causes the correction.

This icon was originally created in Inkscape and then imported into Lunacy by copy/pasting the .svg file into Lunacy. I had problems from the outset with the import as all the vectors were squashed down into almost a single horizontal line. I was able to pull and drag the vectors into the desired look. Perhaps the problem is a larger one related to the import of Inkscape SVG files which seems to be very hit or miss for me.

I’m attaching the Inkscape SVG file here:
Admin Icon

**Lunacy 9.2.1
**Windows 11 Pro 22H2


We are aware of several issues with importing SVGs and are already working on fixing them. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases