Embed fonts not listing local (system) fonts

Locally stored fonts used in my Lunacy file are not showing in the list of fonts when trying to export the file with font embedding.

The support article here Text states:

" You can embed fonts into your document before sharing it with other people to ensure that the text layers will look exactly as you designed them, even on computers without the fonts used in the document.

To embed fonts:

  1. Go to Text → Fonts Embedding on the menu bar.
  2. Select the required fonts and click Embed fonts.

Note: By embedding a font, you confirm that you have a license allowing you to distribute the font.


See the attached screenshot. You can see that the font is in the document, but is not listed in the embedding options.

I tried with both the .free file format and the .sketch format.

Are there some hidden requirements here that I am missing?

OS: Windows 11 Home, version 23H2
Lunacy version: Lunacy 9.6, MS Store Edition

Could you please specify your OS and Lunacy version? Thanks :raised_hands:

Oh of course. Added in an edit.

Thanks for the clarification! Some of the fonts you’re using have a copyright restriction on embedding. That’s why they don’t show up in the font list when you try to export the file with font embedding.

We are planning to add a disclaimer to the embed tab to make this clearer to our users in the near future.

Thanks, Alex.