Enable Artboard overflow visibility


Hi guys,

Is there an option to enable artboard overflow to be shown?
For example i have a couple of groups of polygons/hexagons that flow outside the artboard and it would be great if i could see them?

If this isn’t a current feature no problem :slight_smile:


It looks like that overflow is visible in Pages > Symbols (where all your master symbols reside) but not visible in the main page?

Master Symbols View


Outside Master Symbol

Is this a bug or is meant to be how it is?

Can non-master symbol view be toggled to show overflow?


Hi, this feature is not available in Lunacy, but you can post your suggestion here: https://lunatics.icons8.com/
The more votes it gets, the more chances that we start working on it. Thank you! <3

As for the master-symbol thing, it is actually meant to be, as the feature replicates the Sketch’s behavior. It’s a specific type of behavior for master-symbols that does not really solve your issue, sorry.