Error on exported svg

Hey, Dear beautiful friends! I wish you’re fine.
I had a problem when i exported svg output. This problem is very annoying.
I don’t have any problem with other file types exclude svg.
on editor screen / after i export

May I ask you for your OS and Lunacy versions? It would also be great if you could send me the file that you’re having those issues in the DMs.

My OS: Arch Linux
My Lunacy Version: 8.0.4
I don’t know how to i send DM you.
But i can share broken svg file under this post. (490 Bytes)

May I ask you to install the .snap version? This issue shouldn’t be there: Install Lunacy on Linux | Snap Store

As for .deb version, the fix will be available in one of the upcoming updates :raised_hands:

I installed both. But error occured after exported in both

Got it! This issue will be fixed in one of the future updates.