[ERROR] Prototype Preview does not work


As of 1.11.2021, my prototyping preview has stopped working. Once I click on the “Play” arrow, my browser loads up the following error message:

File not found

Firefox is unable to find the file in the directory /C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Icons8/Lunacy/Prototyping/0d53f87c-1d6a-450f-8677-10144644102b/index.html

It seems that Lunacy is unable to generate the html file. The directory under AppData does not exist either.
I have tried this with different project files and different content - the result is the same. Reinstallation of the software did not help either. Any ideas?


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Hi there! What version of Lunacy do you use, the MS Store one or the one downloaded directly from our website? The former has a bug that affects prototype preview. We’re working on the fix already. Meanwhile, we suggest installing the version from our website: Lunacy – Free Design Software for Win, Mac, Linux

Thanks! Your website version does work indeed, the MS Store one is broken.
It seems you have also gone to a browser based preview, cool!

The topic can be closed, thanks again!