Exclamation marks next to the objects/layers

I imported a file from Sketch into a new install of Lunacy and I am seeing triangles with exclamation marks next to some of the objects in the left column. What does this indicate?



Hello, thank you for your cooperation! The issue that you’ve described is a bug. We are working on to fix it!

I thought it might be missing fonts… so this “bug” will not allow me to use a file from Sketch? There are literally a couple of dozen “exclamation marks” in the left column. Many icons/lines are missing/corrupt. If I cannot utilize a saved from from Sketch… :frowning: Options? I am on 3.14

HELP! Can someone please assist?

sorry for the issue. We are working on to fix it!

I also feel it is a missing font.

Are only the text layers affected? If so, feel free to either install the font or replace it with some other one.