Export a single artborad


I would like to export a single artboard to update a single wireframe instead all the project, but it seems do not work, why?

Many thanks


Hi Francesca,
Do you select the needed artboard before exporting?
Like it’s shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4evZO8xFrNY&t=315s

If you do, but it still doesn’t work, please record a video of the issue and let us know the version you use so we could reproduce it on our end.
Thank you!


Hi Julia,
I have selected the single artboard and pressed the export button. But nothing occurred.

Many thanks


Please send us a video or a screenshot of the issue, so we could check.
Also, which version of Lunacy do you use?


Hi Julia,
sorry but I cannot make a video, but also the screenshot does not show anything, because nothing happens when I select a single artboard on-page e try to press the “Export Selected” button. it should open the window where I can choose the folder, but it doesn’t work. only in a specific file, because in another file it work well.

I can tell that the problem occurs on a file of 13Mb, maybe that is it too heavy?

many thanks


Hi Francesca,
We didn’t manage to reproduce the issue so far. If the issue persists, please send us the file in question to lunacy@icons8.com, or via “report a problem” feature.
Thank you!