Export PDF with margin

Hello I just exported a button as a PDF with shadow Neumorphism style, but when I open it in Affinity Designer not all of the shadow is showing, it’s cut off short. Is there away around this please? Is there a margin option for the button so the shadow will display correctly in another art program? PNG is not editable but works great, PDF is editable but the shadow gets cut off on export. TIA


I’m right that when you export a PDF file from Lunacy, it does have a shadow, and then when you import it into Affinity Designer, the shadow is cut off?

That is, if you see a full shadow when opening a PDF in a browser / Adobe Reader (Acrobat) / Foxit Reader, the issue is most likely with Affinity Designer. It might cut the shadow for some reason when you import a file into it. In this case, you need to contact their support to resolve it.

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