Exported PDFs print offset

I’m having an issue with images exported to PDF from Lunacy. When I create a PDF by using Lunacy to export the image to PDF, and then I go to print that image using the “actual size” option, Adobe offsets the image. The offset is such that about a 1/4" of the left and top side of the image is cut off, then there is about 1/4" of additional margin space added to the right and bottom side. This offset shows up in the print preview and remains offset when printed. The actual size of the image (in both Lunacy and in Adobe PDF after export) is smaller than the paper size and there are no hidden elements in my image.

I only experience this issue with images I’ve exported from Lunacy. I’ve tested PDFs generated from other programs and do not experience this problem. Thus, I believe the origin of the issue has something to do with the way its exported from Lunacy.

Is there some setting I can adjust?

Could you specify your OS and Lunacy versions, please? It would be great if you could share an example file in the DMs too :raised_hands: