Exporting all depths of hierarchy


Is it not possible to export all hierarchy members at once, as for example .PNG?

Let’s say I have something like this.
The profile, portfolio, blog and contact are a component together with the icons.

Can I export all PNGs at once? Like so:

  • Artboard
  • Vertical grey menu background
  • Horizontal grey title background
  • Black background
  • Menu component (Profile, Portfolio, Blog, Contact + icons)
  • Coy Ziegler
  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Profile
  • Profile icon
  • Portfolio
  • Portfolio icon
  • Blog
  • Blog icon
  • Contact
  • Contact icon

I could not find sufficient info in documentation or any kind of option which allows this so the alternative appears to be to click 30 times to export individually, wasting time.

Do let me know if it is possible.

Thanks in advance


Sure, you can export all hierarchy members at once as individual files if they are separate objects. All you have to do is to select them all in the layers panel and use the ‘Export’ option:

You can also save them as a single file by ticking this box:

Let me know if it helps :raised_hands: