Exporting multiple sketch files at once

All, I need to export over a thousand sketch files to PDF. Is there any options for this?

Hello, is it a double of your previous question about exporting a number of files into one PDF file, or do you need an information on how to export a lot of files to PDFs separately, but at the same time?

Hi Julia! Thanks for responding. This is a separate question. I have to convert a ton of different sketch files to PDF. I don’t want to do this one by one. Is there a way to do this in an automated fashion?

Saving a few files into separated PDFs is an implemented feature, but the latest Lunacy versions have a bug in them that prevents all but the very first selected file to be converted into a PDF.
We are currently working on fixing it, the feature should be back to it’s working state soon.

A usual way to save a few files as PDFs is to select all the needed files, choose a PDF option in the right panel and click on the “export selected” button. You will be able to use it as soon as we release the fix.

Thanks for following up! How do you select multiple sketch files at once? I have yet to figure that out. I have had 3 opened simultaneously in different tabs, but I couldn’t find a way to select all 3 at once. It only lets me click on one at a time…

Yes, sorry if that was a misleading explanation. You need to paste all the needed artboards into one document and then select them with a select tool.