Exporting to PNG Different Size than Instance


When I export an object that says it is X by Y in size, the PNG is always a bit bigger.

I have to open it in an editor and reduce the canvas size to be exactly X by Y size. How to I set it so I don’t have to do that?


Hello Stephen,

Can you send us a screenshot of your export settings?
Please, make sure that you have the latest app version and the borders/shadows/etc. are disabled before exporting.

Sent that in separately. Understand it’s a bug that’s in the backlog. When exporting from a symbol or object… the size of the PNG export is a bit larger (even if you turn off things like shadow, etc.). I got a great response from your programmer on how to prevent this using an artboard. But, I need to learn how to create different artboards for each page so I can do that within the same project (learning curve for me). If you have a link on how to create different sized artboards (custom for me) – one per page – that would be awesome.

You all rock!


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I feel silly! It’s so simple to add the custom Artboard … and it works great now.

Thank you for letting us know that everything works fine now, we are glad to hear that! <3