Feature Request: Allow users to browse ALL icons in a Style Category at once

Right now, the only option to browse icons for a style category (I.E. Tiny Glyph or Material Outlined, Etc.) is to search for icons by name / keyword and then select the category you want. See this screenshot:

I want to browse ALL Tiny Glyph icons. But currently there is no way to do that from what I can tell? I have to search first.

I would really appreciate a way to do this. Am I missing something obvious?

If it’s not possible - an update to the site to allow this would be kind of essential.

Thanks for listening and creating such a great site.


It’s possible, but you have to pick a style from the main page first, then pick the needed style in the left-side panel. Though it seems that there’s no currently an option to remove a search request and get back to the home page of a style: