Fig files in Lunacy

Hello there!
I decided to switch from figma to Lunacy because I wanted some changes in my life!
After reading on the site, I came to the conclusion that I can work with figma documents (.fig) in lunacy.
However, after going through a tutorial in lunacy, I discovered that files with the .fig extension do not open in lunacy.

Arch linux.
Lunacy ver. 8.1 I check 8.4 in snapcraft (Have some problem)

Some screenshots:


At the moment, .fig files can’t be directly imported into Lunacy, but it is a planned feature.

Currently, it is possible to convert them to .sketch and open those in Lunacy.
Convertify plugin for Figma does the job, as does Avocode converter

It’s possible for some side effects to appear when using Convertify.

Thank you