File import help

Hello all,

I am using the windows 10 app, i state that because i dont know if there is an difference between the windows 10 app and the program downloaded from the website.

I have access to quite a few .skp files, i know they are sketchup files. Will lunacy import these files, as of now I cannot get the windows 10 app to import the file, does the downloaded program off of the website offer this capability?

If not to either; is there any way to change the file type to get it to work with lunacy.

Thank you for your consideration,

  • Infektyd

Hello there and sorry for the delay with the reply!

The .skp file is a file created in a 3D editor. It cannot be opened in Lunacy, as Lunacy is a UI editor and doesn’t work with 3D. I would recommend to try any other 3D app or Sketchup itself for that case.