File Saving Doubles the file size?


Everytime I click save, without even editing a the sketch file, it doubles in size. I have video proof if im able to send that to someone. Im not able to share the file as per my nda but can send the video. Any ideas why? Ive even reinstalled the program and then checked the file itsself. I deleted things in the file, saved, and it still got double the size of the original. With a 239mb file (originally 28mb), the program crashes when trying to save again…


I had this problem in the old version of Lunacy. In the current is ok.


I’m on the current version sadly and it still does this…


you can try it with file replacement formats. For example, make the KB smaller by 100MB


How would I do this?


Hello, is it possible to send the said Sketch file to us at Maybe after deleting or changing some parts of it?
We really want to help, but it’s hard to do without checking the file itself.
Thank you!


We have found a possible reason of why this can happen, can you please check if your file has a lot of external symbols in it? And if so, approximately how many?


i am actually experiencing the same problem on version 5.0.2. The file does indeed contain multiple (150+) external symbols. Having multiple pages also seems to have an effect.
Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to share the file with you (even when I would delete/change content).


Update: version 5.1 has the same issue


Hi, we are sorry to hear that the latest update didn’t solve the issue.
We will only be able to help you if you let us have a look at the file in question, otherwise we can’t be sure of what could have caused this reaction.

You can send the file to
Thank you!


Thanks for getting back. Like I said previously though, I am not at liberty to share the source file. For now I will copy all content to a new file from time to time. That creates a new, much smaller file.