First draft from my free course on Lunacy and Nextjs

Hi everyone,

I would love some feedback for my first video draft for my future free course.

Also, I know that right now my keyboard and mouse on-screen covered a bit of what I was doing so please ignore that.

At the same time please use headphones or raise your volume by a lot to hear my voice.

Thank you.

Here is the link to my youtube.

I think this is a good pilot video. Your way will be very good for beginners and non-designers.

I have some advice about using Lunacy features. You could find it useful.

  1. You could use an artboard color setting with the “Include in export” flag if you are planning to use a solid color. The effect will be the same as using shape.
  2. You could use the image crop feature to cut out useless parts of images. It’s no matter will it be used before or after Background removal.
  3. You could choose a theme for the generated text at the Text manager in the right panel.
  4. There is a text block autopositioning feature in Lunacy. This feature allows creating a button-like group from a shape with one click. Select any shape and activate the Text tool and Lunacy will generate the group with a shape and centered text block.
  5. You could set some Avatar options to get better results faster. You could find the Avatar inspector at the right panel when the avatar is selected. Available options are Sex, Ethnicity, Emotion, Age, Hair Color, and avatar background settings.
  6. You could set alignment and spacing options for several objects one moment. Just select the objects you need and use the inspector at the top of the right panel.
  7. Not for this case, but could be useful too. There are photos of objects without backgrounds in Lunacy. You could find them in the Photos tab with the Objects filter selected.

I think it’ll be better to clean and boost the sound stream and duplicate it to the second channel (to the right channel in this case).

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Thank you for the amazing feedback @tibring

Also, thank you for the amazing tips you shared with me.

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Feel free to ask here or our Discord.
We’ll be able to reshare your course by the readiness with the Lunacy community if it’ll be free. (for example here)
Feedback from Lunacy users could be useful in your undertaking.