Folder location


Is there a specific reason a folder is being created at ~/Documents/com.visualpharm.Icons8/ when the app is run?

Why is this folder in the users documents folder? Wouldn’t a more appropriate place for this be /Library/Application Support/?

This is really annoying that it keeps cluttering up my Documents folder with what seems to be an application cache of some kind…


Yes, there is a reason. This folder contains all the exported icons. Such solution boosts the performance of the app and improves UX, especially while working with design tools like AI.


Yes. I understand. This is a local cache for images to improve performance.

But that is not my question…

My question is why is my Documents folder being used for this cache?

The appropriate place to store this information would be in /Library/Application Support or /Library/Containers (for a sandbox application).

I’m asking the devs please! I am a MacOS developer myself so I’m curious why you chose this location to store this cache??

Please change this! Or at least make it an option in preferences. It is annoying!


Actually its not a local cache. This is the whole collection of icons ever exported from the app.

Originally, we’ve been using the paths that you are suggesting. However, please note the issue that may arise from such a choice. The majority of users do not realize that by drag-and-dropping an icon to say AI, they actually transfer and save a link to the icon, but not the actual icon file. Now, guess what happens, if a user cleans up the system paths? Exactly, the user ends up with blank spaces in the Illustrator. This is why, by default, we are using the location that we are currently using.

If you prefer, you may hide the folder in Finder, from viewing it. Use the following command in terminal to achieve that: chflags hidden ~/Documents/com.visualpharm.Icons8/