Font Weights - 3

Hi Lunacy devs!

I have an issue with fonts too - I actually sent you a sketch file a while back via your email but didn’t get a reply.

I have a file that was converted from xD to Sketch and sent to me, and when I opened it I initially found some fonts that were not found. These came up as:


I had the Muli fonts on my machine, but had to remap these to Muli Bold and Muli Semi Bold as it didn’t pick them up.

I thought that was all but as I worked I discovered that one of the other fonts wasn’t right - Work Sans Regular was being displayed as Work Sans Thin Roman. I checked inside the sketch file itself and it was converted correctly, so Lunacy is not translating the fonts correctly when it opens the file. What is also frustrating is that I can’t find a way to globally replace the font weight and it’s used in many different named styles.

Apart from that I am really enjoying working with the product - well done!

To add to this…

I just went through updating all the named styles in the library, and then went back to the art boards and the styles have not updated.

So now the library text styles have their font weights changed, and the art boards are still the Thin font weight and out of sync with the library. Is that meant to happen? I thought if you updated the objects in the library they would change across the art boards?

And to add to this again…

I went through the whole project, and changed every instance of Work Sans from Thin Roman to Regular and saved, and just opened the sketch tonight and they are all back to Thin Roman :frowning:

Just double checked by setting a couple to regular again, then saved and exited Lunacy. Restarted and opened the sketch and they are back to Thin Roman. It appears Lunacy does not want to use the correct font.

Any assistance much appreciated - this is so frustrating

Hi, welcome to our community, we are glad to see you’re using our app!

Basically, fonts can be replaced at once for all objects if they are not found in the system. It’s more complicated with the styles - fonts need to be replaced manually there. All places with the style applied will be updated once the style is updated, if an override has not been made there.

Regarding your issue - we can’t offer a straightforward solution for this issue for now, as your fonts seem to be renamed (don’t have original names).

If you found a font that looks different in Mac and Windows, please send us its correct (original) name - which the font is sold / distributed under. We will check it and fix if necessary. Thank you!

Thanks for the reply,

Unfortunately this isn’t what I am seeing

  • the sketch file itself specifies Work Sans Regular font weight, but when opened in Lunacy the font is changed to Work Sans Thin
  • when I change it by hand to Work Sans Regular I see the changes in the UI, but then if I save the file, and reopen, it’s back to Work Sans Thin
  • when I change the defined style to Work San Regular, I see the change to the style, but I do not see the change in the art boards where that style had been applied

So it’s not a problem with the font as such, it’s a problem with the font weight not being correctly applied.

BTW the fonts I have installed on my system are from the Open Fonts set and are also the ones supplied to me by the designer, so they were the ones used in their xD and Sketch assets. I can supply them if required.

I am using the variable fonts library, not the individual static fonts.