Fonts become unrecognized after reloading file

I think there is some kind of bug with your font saving/font reloading mechanism.

I am using the latest version 4.4.1

Yes sure. We’ll willingly check it up. For better and quicker assistance, please provide some more details on the issue. Your current description is a bit vague.

When I start my computer and open up a file. The fonts loads properly.

When I close the file and reopen it again. The fonts do not load properly.

This problem persists until the next computer restart.

Hi Alan, sorry for the late reply. Is the issue still here?

I am currently using Lunacy version 4.8.2.

The issue is still present and occurs when loading & saving (in an alternating fashion) the sketch file on my mac (using sketch) and on my windows machine (using lunacy).

Thank you for the info! Can you please check if the issue happens with all the fonts or with some of them only? And do you use any plugins for Sketch?

Ideally, it would help us a lot if you sent us a project with this kind of issue so we could check it on our end. You can send it here, if it’s possible:

I do not use any plugins for either Lunacy or Sketch.

I am not sure how the font type is serialized when saving to a file, but I think that the error stems from small differences between the different OS & programs. (e.g. Maybe Lunacy is saving the font as NotoSans-Medium, while Sketch is saving the font as NotoSansMedium)

We’ve checked it on our end using Noto Sans Medium as an example and haven’t encountered any issues so far. It worked fine in both directions: from Sketch to Lunacy and from Lunacy to Sketch.

It seems like we need a bit more information to reproduce the issue and fix it:

  1. Do you use the same font file for Mac and Windows?
  2. Please, send us an example of the file where the issue occurs (here is our email: or a more detailed description of what happens with it step-by-step.

Thank you!