Fonts weight problem


I have read that other people have the same problem with a certain fonts weight and still no solution. My font is AutoZone Condensed. Please I need a solution.


Give us more details, please. What Lunacy version do you use? Does the font work well in other apps? Describe the issue, please: what weights work or don’t work for you?
Thank you!


Im using Lunacy 5.9. The fonts I need work right in others apps, they are already installed in my computer, but in Lunacy the weight’s font don’t appear. In fact the fonts are legally owned, just in case Lunacy was against piracy.
I have checked other family fonts and the work well, I dont know what is the issue with this particular one.

I’ll wait for you response,
Thank you.


Can you also check the font’s name, as we weren’t able to find anything by the AutoZone Condensed name?
Or maybe you can send us a font file/a link where to find it?


The font was created by the company I work with and is protected by the them, so you wont can find it in internet or any place, and I can´t send it you for confidentiality reasons .Do you think this could be a reason which the program no recognize the font´s styles?
It is so strange that only one font´s style is recognized. The font has 6 styles, and only one of them works.


Hmm it could be the reason, but it’s hard to tell for sure without checking.
We can only recommend to try and delete everything out of this folder: *\AppData\Local\Icons8\Lunacy, there is a chance that this may help.