Found 3 issues :( Can help me?

Three things:

  1. Enable the option Avatar Transparent, it won’t let me select.
  2. The UI components have the wrong icons and text fonts, it does not work, and I have to do it Manually. I tried many times.
  3. The replacement of the image by the background does not work for me, the green mask and the replacement icon do not appear, I tried to zoom in a bit, but it did not work. I tried many times.

Thanks for you great Design software- Work :slight_smile:
By itself it helps: I use windows 10, 8 RAM, Intel Core 5 8th, 256 GB SSD

Hey there,

I’ve just checked the Transparent toggle and it seems to be working fine. Keep in mind that if you want an avatar with a transparent background, you need to generate an avatar first.

As for UI components – may I ask you to share some more info on this issue, please? A screencast would really help too.

I’ve also checked how the Background remover works – there are no issues there. I’ve got to mention that I’m using the latest version of Lunacy, so make sure that you’ve updated yours too :raised_hands:

Hello! Thanks for answering :), I was quite late in answering because I was sick :(.

  1. I already checked in generating the UI components, the iOS part fails me, the icons are imported in the wrong way.
  2. I can’t click to make the background of the avatar transparent.
  3. I can’t replace an image on the canvas or shape (Do you have any shortcut?).

Hey there,

It seems like there’re some issues with fonts in iPhone Compact kits – we’re already looking into that.

In order to create avatars with transparent backgrounds, you need to be logged into your Icons8 account in Lunacy. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here.

As for replacing images, we don’t have a shortcut for this. You can just use this button: