Free License Attribution Requirements?


Hello! I stumbled upon Icons8 through a few google searches, and this site has been a godsend for my personal project. Your extensive library and straightforward language have ended my days of reverse google searching grainy images for licensing information.

I read your license, which contains the following language:

Free Account Holders must provide two hyperlinks to Licensed Materials used or embedded in a website or social media site as generated by the Icons8 website (or subsidiary site). One link shall be to the Icons8 website, and a secondary link to the location of the downloaded work, icon, photograph, illustration, or music. To maintain Free Account Holder status usage must comply with terms of this Agreement.

I am working on creating a mobile web app that utilizes your icons. Here are a few screenshots of my app showcasing your icons. The last photo shows my navigation drawer, which can be expanded & collapsed with your icon on the top-left. My plan for attribution is to include that link to on the bottom-left, but also have a section of the Attributions page linked just above it where I display every icon I use with hyperlinks to the exact icon page on your website.

Is this sufficient for attribution, or should I take other actions to comply with your license?

Thank you :slight_smile:

  • Reid Litkauo



Yes, this is completely sufficient for attribution.

Thank you for the nice words about our service! We are happy to be of help :heart:


Thank you for your response, I will make sure this is implemented before I go live :slight_smile: