Free plan / Paid plan


Currently I am developing an app (side project). I’ve read in your license that icons with attribution can be used for free, even in commercial use. Right?

While developing the app I would like to use them with the free plan. But before publishing the app in the Play Store, I’d purchase the Icons subscription. Then, after purchase, would I need to re-download the icons that I’ve used in the free the plan?

Thanks in advance.


Hello, Anna!

Yes, that’s right. Icons from the Logos and Characters categories are an exception though, and all questions regarding their usage should be discussed with the owners of the respective trademarks/copyrights.

Are you planning to buy a subscription so you don’t have to put a link to icons8 in the app?
I’d say just in case, it is better to re-download them so they appear in your account. But it may be tiresome if you use many icons. How many are you using in your app?
Please note, that downloads that were made for free don’t get recorded (.png up to 100px or any icon from the Logos, Popular and Characters categories).

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