Get crisp icons with exact colors - no anti-aliasing


Is there a way to get the icons without any anti-aliasing?
The SVG attribute therefor would be shape-rendering=“crispEdges”.

I could download the svg file and add that attribute to the element, but simply getting the ready-to-use image without the need to change anything would be beautiful and getting the png with crisp rendering would be easy.


Background of this request:
I would like to use the API to include it in our product designer at However we need to reduce the colors in each icon as every pixel in the design results in one knitting stitch and we usually have only 4 or 5 colors for the whole design available.



Thank you for the detailed description of this feature. We think the idea is great, and we’ve added it to the next sprint!


Hi, kirschkern!

We have updated the service. You can use rendering=crisp query param for adding shape-rendering=“crispEdges”, it works for all icon formats.


I love you guys more each day.