Half pixels in 100% zoom

Hi! Thank you for a great program! I have a question about anti-aliasing primitive objects and rendering them along borders at 100% zoom. Is there any way to fix the display of additional pixels at their junctions?

Hi, glad you’re having a positive experience with Lunacy!

The pixelization is a norm in this case, I’m afraid. If you’d like to avoid getting any additional pixels here, I’d recommend using svg format instead.

We will check if there is anything we can do to minimize this effect though, so we might get back to you a bit later if we have any news.

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Hi. Thanks for the answer. A small explanation: pixelization appears only in the preview, but if you increase it by 101%, it disappears, and it is not present when exporting. Just a slight inconvenience when designing layouts.

Thank you for the additional info!

So, the thing is that pixelization will be present for some extent in all the formats except for the svg one. There is a certain anti-aliasing level in Lunacy set for the optimal result/performance ratio.

To see the result before exporting you can use the built-in feature “Show Pixels on Zoom”: