Hello, I can't find word wrap: Norma break word on lunacy

I can’t find【 word wrap: Norma break word 】on lunacy,It’s too important to Chinese;

Hi there! Could you please expand on your question? A screenshot would help a lot!

I need them aligned

May I ask one more question?I can’t type with the keyboard.They become shortcut keys,What should I do?

What version of Lunacy do you use? And what OS?

lunacy 8.0.4 with macOS Big Sur;and my Language switching is useless;I don’t know why,Is there something wrong with my computer?

Regarding your first question, right now languages with complex glyphs aren’t supported. We’re going to fix this issue in future releases.

As for language switching, RTL in the interface isn’t working currently, that’s why you’re being reset to English or the default system language. We suggest using the English version of the interface until new updates appear.

I got it. Thank you very much

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