Help Windows 10

lunacy dont lunch on win 10 please help

Hi Lucas! Could you plz describe your problem in details?
Are you using Lunacy from the Microsoft store or you have downloaded it from our site?
What build of Windows 10 are you using?
Is it okay with antivirus and administrator rights settings?

i dont know what setting of antivirus i have to choose

Could you plz turn off your antivirus so we can be sure that its not his fault :slight_smile:
And launch installer with right-mouse-click>Run as administrator
If it will not help - press START+R and type “winver” and make a screenshot for me plz

Lucas are you using the latest build of Lunacy?

im using the one that is in the website.

Which graphics card are you using?

Maybe this will help:

  • Try to install the latest version of .net framework & visual c++
  • Install the latest graphic drivers
  • Update your Windows (your build is from 2016)
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problem solve thankyou