High CPU load / Fan abuse on start

Lunacy version:** Help → 9.4.1
OS version: Ubuntu 22.04 x64

Lunacy loads one of the CPU cores at 100% although to me it looks like 3% on 16 cores/32 threads CPU.
The problem is that the cooling fan starts spinning to maximum. Even though it’s only 3%.
And there are no lags.
One of the CPU cores heating to maximum and the heat is jumping from core to core. In this way the fan spins for several minutes until the CPU load stops and there’s silence.
This problem exists all the time in previous versions.
I have a lot of fonts instlled,
сould this be a caching process?

To answer your question, we would need some more details. Does it happen when no documents are open, when carrying out operations/shifting the canvas, or when a document is opened and there’s no activity?

It happens when a document is opened and there’s no activity.
Today I rebooted and tested it. It looks like it was fonts caching because it’s no longer reproducing.
I suppose this could be reproduced if i add some new fonts.