High Disk Usage by Icons8.Sync


As the title says, the Icons8.Sync keeps my disk usage at nearly 100%. See the screenshot below. I have turned off all of the General Options and am not Logined to my account. What can I do to eliminate the high disk usage without uninstalling Icons8?



Hi! Which version of the app are you using? Have you tried the newest version of Pichon: https://icons8.com/app ?


I’m using Version Should I try Pinchon and examine its disk usage?


Many thanks for the quick reply with the solution to my problem.

I uninstalled Icons8 and installed Pichon. That did the trick: no more high disk usage. I tried the drag-and-drop of a Pichon png to IconWorkshop and that worked! And then to PhotoFiltre, and that worked as well. But drag-and-drop to MSPaint gave an error message: “C:\WINDOWS\System32\윞〤㎇ was not found.” Any idea what caused this error?