How can I contribute to icons?

I requested to add my icons to your site, but I never heard back. Do you dislike my icons or did you miss my request? Can you provide me the URL of your portfolio folder? Should I publish my writings elsewhere in order to get accepted? I want to cooperate, but it is very difficult. Please assist!
Many thanks

Hi James,

Could you please share the email you used to share your portfolio with us? We didn’t find any requests under your current email in our database for contributors.

Please note that we only consider the authors who:

  • completed our type form;
  • have over 1000 icons in styles which are different from those we already have on our website.

It will be great if you provide a link to your portfolio in a type form. If you don’t have a published portfolio, please attach a folder with several icon packs in different styles.

We will definitely contact you if your application is approved!