How do I export multiple images at one time from a Sketch file in Lunacy?

How do I export multiple cropped images at one time from a Sketch file in Lunacy?

I have read both
The procedure of exporting multiple objects is almost similar to the previous one.
To select multiple objects, hold down the Shift key and click the objects you want to select. Also, you can click and drag over these objects.
but cannot select more than three objects on one canvas.

May I ask you to record a screencast of this issue and send me the Sketch file in the DMs? I’ve just tried exporting 4 images via the ‘Export’ function and all 4 of them got selected and successfully exported.

I fiddled around with exporting images from Lunacy for another fifteen minutes. I can export a reasonably efficient number of images in one go now.

The trick is clicking on an image the correct number of times and knowing when and where blue grouping lines should appear after each click. For example, my particular first image should be clicked twice, with no key pressed. This turns its outline blue. If the second image is on the same artboard it should be clicked once, while the shift key is pressed. The blue outline square now tightly surrounds both images. To add an image from another artboard to the group, hold down shift and click the image twice. From there, to add an image from either artboard, it should be clicked only once, with the shift key pressed. What would throw a user off is that if an image is from an artboard that has no images added as yet, the separate outline does not appear, whereas if the image to be chosen is hovered over on an artboard that already contains a selected image, then the image does have a blue outline.

All of the above is probably true for only my particular layer scheme. I have other images in my artboard with other layer schemes, so I don’t know how many times to click them, and if I don’t click them the correct number of times in rapid succession then my careful selection of all previous images is for naught, and I must start over from the beginning.

I would make a video to show this but my artboards are somewhat confidential at this point and I spent too long on this task already, although, @Alexey, if you message me I would show you what I experience via a screenshare meeting.

Adobe XD has a much more robust, although still lacking, method whereby images can be checked for export. It is robust because clicking erroneously after having chosen several images for export does not uncheck their to-be-exported status, but lacking because there is no selection to batch uncheck all items previously checked for export.

Thank you for a very thorough explanation! I totally get that you don’t want to share your artboards, so I’ve sent you a DM :raised_hands: