How do I search the user manual for a topic such as 'Track Viewpoint'?

How do I search the user manual for a topic such as ‘Track Viewpoint’?

James, you can use Ctrl+F to search our documentation. BTW, could you elaborate on what are trying to find with 'Track Viewpoint query?

Hi Alexey,
I’ve tried what you suggested and the scrolling now (sort of) works. Why does scrolling not work if you ‘Click and drag a custom sized art board’?

Please see the attached screenshot.

Thanks James

There’s “to create” missing from your search phrase.

Anyway, I think we need a decent search for our documentation. Will do.

Meantime, I’ve created a search engine by Google:

Example of search results:

Hi Ivan,

What does ‘Track Viewpoint’ do?

Thanks James

Hi, James

Please elaborate what do you mean by Track Viewpoint. Is that something you saw in Lunacy or any other editor?
Because even googling “Track Viewpoint” (with quotes) doesn’t return anything from the field of design, suggesting treadmills instead

Hi Georg,

Lunacy is showing ‘Track Viewport’ when I hover over this area:
Track Viewpoint 1

The Lunacy 8.4.1 hotfix refers to Track ‘Viewport’ here:

Thanks James

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Ah yes, I did assume you probably meant the viewport, but wanted to make sure.

Glad it got figured out!

Hi Georg,
What is ‘Track Viewport’?
Thanks James


Track Viewport mode does what the hotfix you linked says.

When enabled, layers list will show only those layers that you can see on your screen. So if you scroll your project, the layer list will change.