How to create a table?


I really like Lunacy. But sometimes I want to create a table with random columns. How can I make it? Is this function available?


Hello Darya,
Can you give us a bit more info on how you’d like to use this table? Can the layout option help you with it?

The Word-like tables are not planned in Lunacy, since it’s purely a design app. But a feature similar to Figma’s Tidy-up one is coming in the next updates already:


Hello Julia,
Thanks a lot for the answer.
I use Lunacy to design some manuals for my students. I really like interface of this app. I’d like to do some tables like in Microsoft Word to play tic-tac-toe with my students at the lessons. I use tables with pictures or words insides.


We are glad to hear that you use Lunacy for your lessons <3

But an option to create this kind of tables is not available here, I’m afraid.
I can only recommend using the Show Layout/Show Grid options with a help of a Line tool to create something similar in Lunacy.