How to disable microphone in the UI

Hey everyone :wave: I installed Lunacy on my computer with Linux (Manjaro [Arch] btw) today and noticed immediately I opened the application that it started recording my microphone activity

I tried searching for like a settings/preferences panel but couldn’t find any leads

Could someone please help me with disabling this functionality as I can’t disable it through the normal process Settings > Privacy > Microphone as none of my apps are displayed there.

You can change this privacy setting from Snap settings. By the way, you don’t have to worry about it at all – Lunacy will actually use the microphone only if you turn on the voice comment feature.

Sorry for the late reply @Alex_L but I installed Lunacy through the .deb file provided on the download page.

To be specfic I installed it through the debtap package. So is there like a parameter when building the package for Arch that I can use to disable the microphone. Thanks :smiley: