How to draw a star?


Hello - new to the community (and tool…and UX…)

How on earth do I simply create a star? On the video help page, it shows a small expansion arrow in the bottom right corner of the line tool, which offers a star shape, but on my app there’s only a line…



The answer is pretty simple ))) We do not have such a shape as a star at the moment. Don’t panic though ;o)!!! There are for easy ways known to me on how to make it Lunacy. Choose one that works best for you. The options are: just by one continuous vector, by a union of several other shapes, by a union of rectangles, and the last one is by deformation of a circle!!!


Thanks Sergey - why is the video showing these tools as being available though? Were they removed? Or are they in the works?



Tim wait, wait. What was the video once again and at what second it starts showing something that looks misleading to you?



Go down to “Squares, Circles, Straight Lines” header - the video under that title shows options for star, etc


Yes! This element resided in the old interface; however, eventually was never implemented as a feature. In the documentation that you reference to, only three primitives are implemented. They are rectangle, ellipse, and line. This is exactly what is displayed on the video/animation. Star and polygon are included in our roadmap for implementation. Once again sorry for the confusion ;o)


Ok, thanks Sergey. I’ll keep a lookout for the updates. I’m about to embark on a new UX Design course (using my Win laptop), so I’m looking for something to mimic Sketch as closely as possible. :wink:


Thank you for relying on us! It certainly motivates to keep up the good work ;o)