How to filter identical or nearly identical icons?


When doing a search I sometimes get a lot of visually identical or nearly identical icons. eg.

Is there some kind of filter or an idea how to ignore visual duplicates with the API?


Yes, if you use a platform name as a filter (e.g., iOS, Color, etc.), you will get different icons as a result.


Thanks for the reply.
When using the platform filter, I only get icons of that specific style. I don’t want to restrict the search to only a defined icon style, I want to get the whol variety of styles from the icons8 libraray but they should be visually different.


Hi! We don’t have a filter like that, but here is a hint. You can group icons by commonName. It’s a unique name for icon family. For some icons there can be 25+ variations. With grouping by commonName you can show only six variations, for example.
It’s an interesting request. We will think about adding this filter to API.