How to insert text in font family of Font Awesome 5th?

Hello, there.
My product is required to use Font Awesome 5th. I have installed the TTF file of Font Awesome 5th to my Windows system. I try but failed to use it in Lunacy.

Any help are welcome. Thank you.

Anyone can help?:sob:

Hi, we couldn’t check the 6th version, as it’s a paid one and we don’t have access to it yet.

But we checked the Font Awesome 4 and it works well as a font if the ttf file is installed. Have you tried installing the ttf file of the font? How did it go?

Hello, @Julia_K . Sorry that I input a wrong version number. It’s the 5th version. I will correct the title and description later.

And yes, I have installed TTF file with the newest version successfully.

Take this icon( as example, I create a text box and enter the icon name “address-book”. Then select the entire box or the icon name only. Then change the font family, both are failed, the text doesn’t convert to the icon font.

I do not know how to achieve it.

Thank you for sending us an example, our team is currently checking if the 5th version works fine with that file on our end.
We will reply you here as soon as we get any news.

So, here is what we’ve got:

How to use Font Awesome in Lunacy:

  1. Install the ttf font
  2. Use is as a font of a text block
  3. Type in the symbols’ Unicode.
    If you don’t know the Unicode of the symbol, you need to open the table of symbols and copy it from there.

Here is an example, U+F081 is a Unicode:

Or you can just copy a symbol right from the table, if needed.
Hope that helps!