How to Integrate Icons8 with Figma Efficiently?

Hello Icons8 Community,

I’ve recently started using Figma for my design projects and I am also a big fan of Icons8. I was searching for if anyone could share the best practices or tools for integrating Icons8 with Figma efficiently. particularly I am looking for:

  • The most effective way to import and manage Icons8 assets within Figma.
  • Any plugins or extensions that work well with both Icons8 and Figma.
  • Tips for maintaining consistency and quality when using Icons8 icons in Figma projects.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or experiences you can share.

I have already read this article ( but I couldn’t get any information on my query.

Thanks in advance for your help.

(Marcos Andrew)


We have several plugins created for Figma which you can find here:

The first includes all of our icons, illustrations and photos, and designed to streamline your work process by letting you use our assets right inside Figma.

You can check out the others too.

I won’t be able to say much about consistency and quality as I’m not a designer, but of course it’s better to use icons from the same style. Our icons were designed with the exact aim to offer packs of icons that have the same look and feel across a range of topics.