How to permanently disable cloud upload w/ Ctrl+C?

Its 2020 and privacy protection in software is non-existent.

Even Lunacy is trying to export my every thought to the cloud.

How do I disable this “feature”? Or will I just have to set up a firewall rule to block outgoing packets to your servers?

Hi, I’m one of a Lunacy devs. Thanks for your feedback!
We’ve tried to allow our users a quick export and share feature.
Yes, this concept turned out to be really annoying!
We thought it will be super useful and handy…
We actually have a task to allow users to remove their data from out services, but we lost our server developer and cannot do it in near future.
So, we’ve changed a hotkey of this feature to Alt+C,C . We think it will solve the issue. Wait for it in the version 5.0 (1-1.5 weeks to go). 5.0 will be amazing.

Thank you for understanding. In the future, would it be possible to disable this feature altogether?
(Or maybe make all uploads expire after 24hours by default)

I am sure you will understand that your tool is being used to prototype products and services to clients. When their ideas and concepts get permanently uploaded to the web - they tend to get VERY uncomfortable.