How to Upload Icons on Icons8


How can I upload my set of icons on
Thank you!


Hi! Would you like to contribute as an icon designer or you just want to upload your icons on our website to use them further? If first, you may send us a link to your portfolio to have a look and we’ll contact you once we have a vacancy :slight_smile:

If you just need to upload your icons for another purpose, you can add them into the collection you created on our website. You can find the collections in the in the lower left corner of the icons page. Click the plus button to add icons from your device. Though, there’s no option to add a set of them, I’m afraid.


Hi Eugenia, thank you for your answer!
I want to contribute with this set of icons
I usually make Photoshop resources :slight_smile: You can see some of my works here


Hi, great icons! Thank you for the link, I have passed it to our design team. Can we use to reach you out when we are interested?


I am glad you like the icons! Yes, you can write to me there, thank you!