How to use the icons in Xmind 8 (dragdrop does not work)?

I tried dragging and dropping the icons in X mind 8 (free version) - Mind mapping software
i just get the name of the icon

Also i tried to paste it in one note , same problem occurs

can someone please help, i need it only for that purpose… save as takes a lot of time…

Please, tell me your Lunacy and OS versions :raised_hands:

By the way, are you using Lunacy only for transferring icons to the other apps? If you do, we have an app that suits this purpose better – Pichon. You can get it here.


Thanks for replying… not sure if i tagged the app right…

Changed the app category to Pichon for windows… Version

Got it, so your question was about Pichon originally! May I ask you for your Windows version, please, so we could figure this one out?

By the way, have you tried reinstalling Pichon? If you haven’t, please download it from here, reinstall it, and see if the issue is still there :raised_hands:

wow… thanks Alexey… It helped to an extent… which is good…

so in xmind 8 , the icons are coming as icon with reinstall… but when i paste them as markers in text, its not coming

if you can solve this it would really help me a lot

i want something like below where i can use icons as markers with text, should be able to paste

i have selected png 48 (just so you can reproduce)
still struggling to get it in below situation

Hey there,

May I ask you to share a screen recording of this issue, please? It would be also great if you could share your Xmind project too (you can do it via DMs).

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Hey Alexey …

Thank you for replying. please have a look at the video file at this link.
hope it makes the difference…

Problem :- I am not able to use the icon within a node in mindmap.
it works fine as a separate node but not with text

This should help

Thanks for the very thorough info!

I’ve checked it and I think that I can offer you the following solution:

  1. Save icon from Pichon locally on your PC;
  2. Go to the ‘Insert’ tab and choose ‘Local Image’ from the dropdown;
  3. Select the icon that you’ve saved locally on your PC.

That’s it! Here’s a tutorial video which might be helpful too: XMind Tutorial - Icons & Images

Let me know if it works.

This option i am aware about it.

If i have to use 20 icons i would need to download 20 times which would be a lengthy process.

What if its 50. Then i would have to save 50 times that too one by one. which makes the process lengthy.

so 2 options i have

  1. Direct copy past if pichon can provide like it allows for other places or as a node
  2. i can get zip file downloaded for images so insertion is easy

otherwise its long process save an icon image and then add…

hope you understood the pain point

You can download all the icons you need as one folder. In order to do this you need to add them to a collection first. I’ve recorded a quick tutorial on how to do it:

You are awesome… Thanks a lot…

loved the support you provided. 11/10 stars for you!!!

Great talking to you :slight_smile: