How view/click on a prototype?


Hello, I understand how to select for example a button and make a prototype link to another artboard.
But then, how can I view and click on the prototype?
I found out I could upload my file to Sketch Cloud and then view the artboard and click on the clickable button, but the drawback is that a duplicate file was created, which i don’t like.
And for some reason the changes I had made to the file for an hour wasn’t saved (in neither of my two duplicate files), so I’m not found of Sketch cloud, and want to work with only 1 file.
So, is there a way in Lunacy to enter “clicking” mode? And if possible share a link to another person, so he/she could try to click as well?
Thanks in advance for your help!


Hello Karin, this is a normal behavior for Sketch Cloud and we cannot change anything about it, sorry.
Currently we only give our users the link that Sketch Cloud gives to us, as an option to view prototypes is not available in Lunacy yet.

The second version of your file is not a duplicate, it’s a correct view mode for a certain version of Sketch Cloud. You can check their versioning here:

You won’t get a link to the correct file for a view mode until you’ve uploaded the changes into the Cloud, as no correct file in the Cloud = no correct link to viewing it. Can it be the reason of the changes not being saved? Is it possible to check if the changes are saved correctly after uploading the file with latest changes to the Cloud first? Thank you!