I can't download PNG or SVG

After payment, I still can’t download SVG.

We are really sorry for that issue, Tobi! I passed it to our devs. Ill reply to you as soon as the solution arise!

Hi Tobi! The issue was fixed :wink:

I’ve had the same problem for a month now and can hardly download any icons at all :frowning:

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Hello friend! Could you plz share your email attached to your Icons8 account with me?

I’m facing the same problem, using browsers (Chrome, FF, Edge).

Hello Marcio! We are so sorry, but we got some issue on our site, so downloading is not working now. This problem will be fixed soon. I can reply to you by email if you share it with me.

This is a serious limitation, considering there is no features to overlay and recolor icons using Pichon!
Please let me know when fixed (marcio@requestia.com).