I can't set border bottom, left, right or top in a rectangle

Hi everybody!
I’m having trouble when I want to set a border bottom to a rectangle since I can’t see the option described in the docs. Anyone knows how to solve it?

Thank you very much!

Could you elaborate on your goal a bit? Are trying to set a separate border parameter for the bottom of the rectangle shape?

I have the same issue.
I create a rectangle with a bottom border:
But after some time, it randomly switches to all sides:
Screenshot 2024-03-29 125321
The only fix is by creating a new rectangle, but the issue returns after a while.

I got it, thanks for elaborating! Could you share your OS and Lunacy versions, please?

I’m running Lunacy 9.5 on Windows 11.

Is this issue a strictly UI one, or do the rectangles on the canvas revert to the default state as well?

The rectangle borders on the canvas also revert to the default state (borders on all sides). So it breaks the design.

Thank you for pointing this out! We have been able to identify this issue and our team is currently working on a fix. I will keep you updated on the status.