I have no icon!

I have no icon in the pannel.
How can I fix it?

Illustration and photos are working.

Hi there,

It seems like a bug on our side. I’ve already passed it to the team and we’re working on fixing it.

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any updates?
I try to reinstall but nothing change.
It seems strange it is happening only to me
Maybe some permission? (but picture and illustration are working fine)

Seems like a server issue – we’re still trying to figure this one out. I’ll let you know when the icons will be back again :raised_hands:

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@andrediso You’re not alone, I’m experiencing the same issue with icons.
@Alex_L Yes please keep us posted on this fix. Thank you!

Hi @OlderGerri @andrediso

Should be working now
If it doesn’t for you, please try clearing the cache.
On Mac you can do that by deleting the Cache folder at


Thank you, I unfortunately can’t find this path/cache folder.
I downloaded the Lunacy Desktop app, do you recommend deleting and re-downloading?

The issue is definitely fixed in the beta build.
You can download it here if you wish

This worked! All set and Thank you!


You will be able to continue using the stable builds later by checking the corresponding option in the About menu.

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Thank you