I lost shadows for every image in my entire project!


After upgrading to the latest version, it appears that none of the images in my project have shadows being applied the non-translucent aspect of the image. This is really odd as it was somehow applied to everything in the entire project.

See this video for a demonstration: https://stephen-razberi.tinytake.com/tt/NDQzMDE3NF8xNDAwNjc2Mg

Thanks for you help!!!



Thank you a lot for sending us the video of the issue. Our dev team have received your report and will reply you asap.


I am told this bug will be fixed in Version 6.0 of Lunacy. That’s great. Any idea (not holding you to it) when that might be?


Hi. Unfortunately, Lunancy 6.0 does not completely solve this bug. Some images are still not showing shadows correctly. Really weird. So, I am still using 5.8 so that images with transparency can show shadows correctly. Let me know if you need more proof or examples.




Hi Stephen! Actually if we are talking about transparent objects - Lunacy has the behavior similar to Sketch and Figma. So if the transparency is done exactly as a layer, then the shadow also becomes transparent, and if the transparency is created using an alpha fill, it doesn’t.

Could you please send us any PNG file that doesn’t display shadows correctly? It will be great if you could also send a short video showing the issue. The email is lunacy@icons8.com
Thank you!