I need help to find icons for my website

Hello, i’m looking for new icons for my product page (and if possible same style for the entire website icons.

Just to explain you better, our company is a repair business for phone, tablet, computer, watch, consoles etc…so i have to find almost all icons in the same style.

For example there are different types of services like screen replacement, battery replacement and many many many more…so for me is very difficult to find all that icons!
Can anyone suggest to me wich are the best and complete list for all this type of damages?

Thank you for your help!


Seems like we don’t yet have icons that reflect this kind of services. But here’s a workaround for you.
Our inbuilt editor has an overlay option. Using it you can combine icons with special glyphs.
For example, an icon for batteries in iOS style could be modified like this to show battery replacement:

Or a Monitor repair service icon could be made by combining a Monitor icon from dotted style with another overlay:

In the meantime you can request a range of such icons to be made by creating a topic here. Our teams starts working on the request once it gets 8 likes from the community.

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